1:1 Clients

Rachel’s knowledge of how to heal with food is obvious. She asks the right questions, listens actively, and provides expert advice in a non-judgemental and non-dogmatic way. Her approach to nutrition and lifestyle is based on sound medical research.

— David F.

I had a very unhealthy diet this past Spring, Summer, and Fall. Rachel helped me to get back on the healthy train. Our first session started with her listening to the issues that I was having. She carefully put together a program that was tailored to me. Most of the time, diet changes can be overwhelming. This wasn’t the case. Rachel made it clear that I didn’t have to make all of her recommended changes at the same time.
— Mike D.

I tried for years to lose a small amount weight to no avail. After consulting with Rachel and making the dietary changes recommended, the weight started coming off within 2 weeks. It’s a lifestyle change for the better.
— Sharon M.

I highly recommend working with Rachel for all of your nutrition needs! She has helped me so much with making dietary changes that help heal my gut. Thank you Rachel! I wouldn’t be where I am today without your guidance and advice!
— Sonja B.

21 Day Sugar Detox Participants

“Rachel’s guidance and coaching throughout the 21 day detox got me through a difficult but incredibly rewarding 2 weeks. I will never go back to eating the same way. I feel overall like I have more energy and my stomach is feeling great. I have learned to adjust my diet without feeling like I am giving up much—instead, Rachel has proved that you can think of the change as adding a whole new set of recipes and ingredients to your rotation. Now that I also have the practical paleo book I think I can continue to succeed and introduce variety and healthy meals without feeling like I’m missing out. The support from Rachel and the whole group was great motivation to stick to it despite the temptations. I would recommend this program to anyone who is even considering making the leap—it’s worth it.”
— Cristina A.
“The 21 day sugar detox not only taught me self discipline with choosing good nutritious food, but also self control when challenged by temptation. Coach Rachel did an outstanding job cheering us on with encouragement not to give in to our old habits. Her knowledge on nutrition,and supportive documentation on why a sugar detox is good for your health inspired me to finish the challenge. I sincerely thank Rachel for her support ,and interest in helping people to eat better food for a better, healthier life!”
— Donna S.
Starting the 21DSD seems daunting at first. There are lots of rules of what to eat and what you can’t. It feels like it is going to be very limiting, but with a little preparation and planning you realize it is not daunting and certainly not limiting. The food is flavorful, easy, rich in nutrients and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy, bloated, or like you’ve overdone it. The hardest part by far was being at work or eating out because it is so easy to just add sugars to anything- a lot of times unnecessarily so! With this detox I felt well-rested, never with hungry aches/pains and well-fueled. Though with some modifications I plan on keeping this going because real, whole foods make all the difference. Thank you Rachel for your encouragement, support, and enthusiasm for this program and lifestyle change!
— Anne K.
“Working with Rachel was very refreshing. She had the same clean eating ideals as I do but was able to go deeper than I had in some areas. Her support and response to my questions was always very quick, and especially when I needed most. This is a great program and the beginning to better health.’
— J.L