Keeping It Real

My whole life I've always just wanted to keep it real. Ever since I was little, I've preferred spending my days adventuring in the woods, climbing trees, swimming until my hands and feet were pruned and playing with my dogs. Being immersed in nature is the real deal to me. Nature is raw, unforgiving, beautiful and more powerful than we can ever imagine. In regards to my human relationships, I try to always surround myself with people who I know I can trust. The people who become an integral part of my life are those who are genuine, honest, respectful and supportive. I try to emulate these qualities in my relationships, work ethic and everyday life. I've never tried to be someone I'm not and don't plan on starting anytime soon. I thrive off of real connections, real communication, real experiences, real food, real love, real happiness and real health.

As I continue to move through life in this wild world, it becomes more and more evident to me that one of my top goals is just to keep it real.  I think if we could all just be a little more honest, especially when it comes to communication, we'd cut out a lot of the bullshit. This bullshit usually manifests itself as stress, and we all know how evil stress can be. Life is too short to not say or do the things we want to do! We're only right here, right now for so long. Holding back, whether that's in communication with others, changing careers or putting in the time, money and effort to improve your health, is no way to spend our time here on earth. That's just my two cents...

As I continue to pursue my passion and a career helping others improve their health, I just want you to know that I'll be keeping it real no matter what. I do everything I do because I believe in my mission, I believe I'm meant to make a difference and I believe that you have the ability to achieve whatever your desires are.

So if you need me just reach out. I'm here to help. For real. ; )