More Love.

Last night Donald Trump was elected our President....

I just stared at this sentence after I wrote it. I honestly didn't think this day would come. Enough people actually banded together to elect someone into office who openly represents so much negativity. Last night our country voted for racism. We voted for hatred. We voted for bullies. We voted for misogyny. We voted for xenophobia. We voted for ignorance. But most of all, we voted for fear and out of fear. The theme of this whole election has been fear. Fear of what's going to happen to our world in the future, whether its the climate crisis or World War III. Fear for our health and safety, especially for our children. What kind of world will they grow up in? Fear for our families based on the color of our skin. Fear for being a woman. For raising a daughter in a world that appears to promote rape culture.  Fear for choosing "the lesser of two evils". Yes fear, has been the predominant theme in our world lately.

While people will always have their opinions and the arguments will never end, let's all agree on one thing...our world could use more love. Now is the time to come together as a global community, to support one another, to show love, compassion, understanding and respect. We would benefit from practicing patience, virtue and love for EVERYBODY (even those who openly voted for Trump.)  Do not let what happened last night divide us even further. Listen, absorb, try to understand and respond with love. All we can do is fear less, ignore hate, be strong and love more,

I love you.