Thank You

Today is one of those days that have a lot of expectations. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, sad, and preoccupied by everything going on. Whatever you're doing today, take a few moments and reflect on what you're truly grateful for. I know that sounds cliche, corny or tacky but seriously, do it. Many people keep a journal just for writing down their gratitude's (like myself) and find tremendous happiness, optimism and sense of well-being from regularly reflecting on what they're grateful for. It doesn't have to be long, just a sentence or two. So today, being Thanksgiving and all, I would like to share what I'm grateful for. 

Today I'm grateful for my family; for my incredible parents, for my best friend and supportive husband Corey, for my awesome brother and sister (in-law) and their two freakin adorable daughters (our nieces!), for the radest Mama Dew (mother-in-law), for my grandmother who is 95 and a force to be reckoned with, and for all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and even third cousins that I've got out there, even those of you who I've never met, I'm still happy to know I have family out there, somewhere.

Today I'm grateful for my dogs Ruca and Tron. These dogs are an integral part of my life and the love I have for them is quite unreal (some might say a little crazy...)

Today I'm grateful for soy-free, 80% dark chocolate.

Today I'm grateful for pastured bacon.

Today I'm grateful for ski socks and big hoodies.

Today I'm grateful for my friends who are scattered all over the world.

Today I'm grateful for hot tea and crispy turkey skin.

Today I'm grateful for mountains, for trees, for rivers, for snow, for sunshine, for cool breezes and silence.

Today I'm grateful for my health and healthcare team. My health is everything to me.

Today I'm grateful for love.

Today I'm grateful for all of you awesome people, who somehow made it here and took the time to read my writings.

Focus on the positivity. As negativity enters you life, recognize it and release it as soon as you can. You don't need that shit. Be grateful for what you have right here, right now because that's the only thing that matters.