For Accountability, Invest In Yourself


As many of you know, this past spring I enrolled in the 21 Day Sugar Detox Coaches Program, a successful nutrition program created by Diane Sanfilippo, to become a Certified Coach. I knew since completing my own sugar detox and reading Diane’s work for a number of years that becoming a coach and running sugar detoxes was something I eagerly wanted to do. When I found out that the program was opening up for enrollment again this spring, I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified. I was so eager and excited to become a certified coach and add this amazing program to my arsenal of nutrition services! But at the same time I was torn. A big goal of mine and Corey’s is to pay off debt so we can have more financial flexibility in our lives and not be so tightly tied down by bills. I really didn’t want to rack up more credit card debt to pay for the program and the idea of paying out of pocket was a big commitment to make but I really didn’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Ahhhh what to do!?

After talking it over extensively with Corey, we both decide that this was an investment in my career and our collective future. We would figure out a way to make it work. I ended up enrolling in the program and signing up for the payment plan, which was more money in the long run but I was able to pay for it out of pocket and maintain my goal of not racking up more credit card debt in the process. After pulling the trigger and enrolling, I commented on one of Diane’s social media posts about how excited I was to become a certified coach, especially after I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to enroll because of concerns over money.  She replied with a comment that deeply resonated with me...

"I have seen a lot of success in folks who make it work to pay for the program rather than it necessarily being an easy purchase - because you have more skin in the game... your desire and need to make it work are really there."

This has stuck with me for a couple reasons. First, it’s true!! Becoming a coach for this program was something I truly desired and I was going to figure out a way to make it happen no matter what. Second, she was right, I do have more skin in the game. A thousand something extra dollars is not something I have just lying around. Coming up with this kind of money and investing it in my career took major dedication and sacrifice in other aspects of my life.

And was it worth it?


Not only do I now have the knowledge and credentials to run 21 Day Sugar Detoxes, a valuable addition to my practice, but I’m also part of an incredible community consisting of other 21DSD coaches, Diane and her team. The value I have received from this program was far beyond my expectations and well worth the price tag that came along with it.

Good for you, you spent a bunch of money on a program, so what?

You may be wondering, how is this at all relevant to your own health and wellness? I can tell you with certainty that there is much to be gained from this story and perspective. If the price tag on the 21DSD coaches program were nominal or an “easy investment” for me to make, how much easier would it have been for me to put running detoxes on the back burner? Time spent building pages on my website, connecting with people in person and on Facebook/Instagram and marketing my groups wouldn’t have seemed like such a top priority and maybe never would have happened!  I could have kept putting it off until it was “more convenient” for me, especially since it was summer time and the urge to play in the sun all day was DEFINITELY there! The fact that I had to commit to such a large investment held me incredibly accountable in actually following through with integrating this program into my business.

This is something I experience VERY often in my nutrition and lifestyle coaching practice. People reach out with interest in resolving their nagging digestive issues, losing weight, establishing healthy eating habits, improving sleep quality or tackling sugar cravings but immediately shut down at the price tag. They “don’t have it in their budget” or “can’t justify spending that much.” I get it, believe me. I am not wealthy and I understand what it means to live within a budget. But when it comes to health, it’s not only an investment, it’s a critical accountability tool.

I don’t charge $150 for a single nutrition consultation because I’m trying to rip you off and become a millionaire off of nutrition and lifestyle coaching (that would literally never even be possible!) I charge this amount because not only do I know I have the education and experience to back it up but also because, like Diane once told me, you need skin in the game. If you met with me or another nutrition therapist/health coach and only paid $10 for a 90+ minute consultation how likely would you be to stick with the advice and recommendations made?  If you were very driven and self motivated maybe you’d stick with it but a majority of people would be able to find a loophole and easily talk their way out of carrying through with the recommended action steps (even though they WANT to make the changes.) “Well it was only $10 so at least I didn’t waste that much money.”

Having the investment price of health coaching be a little higher than what is “comfortable” provides you with valuable accountability, a greater rate of success for achieving your goals and increased compliancy to the nutrition and lifestyle recommendations made. Remember, us nutrition therapists and health coaches are only successful if you're successful! We want you to succeed!! Unlike doctors, we don’t make a set income regardless of how good or bad our advice is and we don’t want you to need to depend on us for a lifetime. We strive to elicit positive behavior changes, help our clients achieve their goals and maintain these changes long term. Providing accountability and motivation is a valuable tool for us and monetary investment is something that resonates deeply with many people. No one likes to throw money away!

So what can you do if you want or need to improve your health but spending the money seems daunting?

1.) Change your mindset

This is an investment in YOURSELF and a valuable accountability tool for achieving your goals. Think about how much money you could save in the long run by avoiding having to pay for doctors visits, medication, time missed from work, etc. Also look at the big picture, how much more could you accomplish in life with good health? The options are endless!

2.) Decide where you can make sacrifices

If your health needs to become your top priority due to a current illness or disease or you want to achieve your goals, you may need to make some changes to your lifestyle, maybe not forever, but at least for a little while. This may include things like dining out, weekends away, concerts or miscellaneous purchases like new clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. The choice is yours but a small sacrifice can go a long way!

3. ) Prioritize your wants vs needs

This kind of goes hand in hand with making sacrifices but really helps to put into perspective the areas that deserve the most attention. If you’re experiencing active symptoms of poor health it may be time to schedule a consultation with a nutrition therapist, health coach or doctor (preferably an Naturopathic or Functional medicine practitioner) over buying the new iPhone or snazzy pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. (Side note: isn’t it funny how we hardly think twice about spending a couple hundred on a new phone or pair of shoes but cringe at the thought of spending that amount on our health?) Once you've accomplished some of your goals, you can reassess your wants vs needs or even reward yourself with one of your "wants" for carrying through with a "need!"

If you're ready to take the next step and invest in your health, please reach out to me, I'd love to help you achieve your goals by providing accountability, motivation and inspiration!

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